Introducing the Stunning 2018 Ford Explorer

When potential car owners go to the dealership and look for a car, they typically look for several important traits. They want a car with the best new tech. They want a car that looks great being driven, with different colors available and comfortable interiors. They also want a car that has a lot of space but does not cost a fortune every time they go to the pump. That is where the 2018 Ford Explorer comes into play.

The Ford Explorer serves as an adventure-ready SUV model.

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2018 Ford Fusion: Sedan with Hybrid Option

A great sedan is the car that will do more that get you from point A to point B. It’s the car that will take you places in life. A great sedan will be there with you on your drive to success. The classic four-door design and safety features of modern sedans make them a popular choice with Fishers, IN families. That’s why the Don Hinds Ford Inc team is especially delighted to share the 2018 Ford Fusion with you!

The new Ford Fusion is one of the best sedans on the market for drivers on their search…

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Is Your Car Battery Failing?

The battery in your car is responsible for powering all the devices and gadgets that you've come to depend on when driving the vehicle. When you notice any of the following warning signs the car battery is failing, get it looked at immediately.

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U.K. Woman Learns Explosive Lesson About Smoking & Driving

Nobody likes the habit of smoking while driving—unless you are a smoker. Passengers feel trapped in with the strong ashy smell, and traffic-safety experts will tell you smoking can be a form of distracted driving.

A woman in England discovered another reason smoking behind the wheel could be a bad idea: it causes explosions.

Ok, so your vehicle isn't going to blow up just from lighting a cigarette. In the case of Sharon Victoria Druitt, she had placed cans of aerosol air…

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Categories: Flips Out for 2017 Ford Fusion

When we here at Don Hinds Ford Inc first met our midsize sedan, the 2017 Fusion, we admittedly were rendered somewhat tongue-tied. The American automaker really outdid itself with this one, we thought.

Wondering what we mean?

Then, link up with Managing Editor Jodi Lai; her assessment of the Fusion is as follows:

Call it what you want, but we've a funny feeling that the Fusion's penultimate engine -- a turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder -- will ultimately be one of the more popular selections.

Optional with the SE trim -- and standard with the ...

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Plan a few more epic summer adventures with the Ford Escape

It's not pleasant to think about, especially right now, but winter is indeed not too far off. Don Hinds Ford wants you to make the most of these remaining summer days by planning some epic adventures with the reliable, safe and accommodating Ford Escape.


No matter where you go, the Intelligent 4WD in the #FordEscape will help you get there.

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The Ford Escape's smooth ride helps you get to every destination without a hitch. You'll appreciate the boost from its 168…

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2017 Ford Explorer is a Stunner from Every Angle

If you're shopping the full-size SUV segment for your next automotive purchase, we here at Don Hinds Ford Inc would be quick to pair you up with ours, the 2017 Explorer.

"How come?" you ask.

Join the industry experts at MotorWeek to find out. Their critique of the Explorer can be found in the clip below:

Shoppers desiring a dapper, button-downed vibe from the Explorer will receive precisely that with its top-of-the-line model, the Platinum.

Standard amenities on this version include a strapping, 365-horsepower turbo-V6 engine, all-wheel drive, a panoramic sunroof, a parking ...

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Get the Job Done Right the First Time with Our Ford Commercial Vehicles

Need a new work truck or car for your Fishers-area business? You're in luck. Here at Don Hinds Ford we have a huge selection of the Ford-brand work vehicles you need to succeed.

You know how it goes - every job needs the right tool. Well, we have the perfect tools for any job right here on our Ford Drive new commercial vehicles lot.

Our commercial-grade vehicles are available as either chassis-cab cutaway style trucks, pickup trucks, or cargo vans that can carry gear or people. Some of the work-ready vehicles we carry include:

  • Ford Super Duty F-250
  • Ford Super…
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carwow Serves Up Inside Scoop on 2017 Ford Mustang

We here at Don Hinds Ford Inc have to hand it to our esteemed American automaker. It did a most excellent job with its spectacular sports car, the 2017 Mustang.

Wondering what we like best about it? Well, we think you'll find plenty of reason throughout the clip below, a video review of the Mustang from carwow pundit Mat Watson. Take a look and listen right here:

Arguably our favorite powertrain of the pack, the mid-level EcoBoost iteration is exquisite. Good for a hearty 310 horsepower and 320 pound-feet of torque, this turbocharged 2.3-liter four-cylinder may be had…

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